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Video Tips: How Much Money can you Make Fixing and Flipping Houses?

Published by Mark Ferguson on Mar 27, 2015

I go through the costs associated with flipping a house and what I make on my flips. More info at:

Buying and fixing up a home to flip takes some control. You’ll need to know what absolutely needs to refurbished and don’t over-spend during the rehabilitation of the home. Learn about more important details of Buying and Flipping a home by watching this video by Mark Ferguson.

If it’s your first time Buying and Flipping a home I encourage you to read my article about my first Fix and Flip investment home. You may learn a little from the experiences I encountered and if it is something you’re really up to doing, especially if you have a full-time job that you are holding down.

Another investment opportunity you may want to consider is purchasing an Income Property. A Buy and Lease with a Property Management Company to manage it for you. This type of investment is great for Part-Time Property Investors!



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