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Renting Out My First Property: Video Advice

Buying your first investment property with the intentions to rent or lease it out may sound like a great thing to do to enhance your investment portfolio and increase your retirement wealth and it is! But there may be so many questions running through your head. You know, the unknowns . . . like how easy will it be to rent the home out after I buy it and freshen it up? How will it be as a landlord when someone calls me in the middle of the night with a water leak?

These are some of the questions I had myself, before I purchased my first rental property and this smart guy I found on YouTube really describes the answers to these questions and more! His name is John Sonmez.
A couple of the key things I learned from this video:

You can visit his website for more information and motivational videos and help at:

While you’re here watch one of John’s videos BELOW that addresses what I mentioned in my comments above.

Published by John Sonmez on Jul 25, 2014

In this video I give some real estate advice for someone who is renting out their first property.

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