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Published by Mark Ferguson on Mar 27, 2015 I go through the costs associated with flipping a house and what I make on my flips. More info at: Buying and fixing up a home to flip takes some control. You’ll need to know what absolutely needs to refurbished and

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There are many ways you can achieve your goals of finding financial wealth and independence for your family and yourself . . . Income Property is Today’s Choice to Many. Some people choose to dive-in with their own knowledge and go it on their own, but more often most people turn

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Property Research Tools® was developed to provide consumers with a single online resource for all property listings, and for all REALTORS® to have a resource developed for NAR, by NAR. It remains the number one most visited homes-for-sale site, with millions of consumers viewing the website each month. All your listings can

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Investing in rental/leasing property isn’t that difficult if you know what you’re doing. I’ve found an experience expert (Frank Chen) in this field that quickly explains the process and what it entails. He will explain the basics in buying an Investment/Income Property in the video below. Published on Jan 29,

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