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Learn From Other Successful Property Investors

There are many ways you can achieve your goals of finding financial wealth and independence for your family and yourself . . . Income Property is Today’s Choice to Many.

Some people choose to dive-in with their own knowledge and go it on their own, but more often most people turn to the internet to gain just a little more knowledge and information and that is a wise decision. Because not only do you have your knowledge, but knowledge from others and sometimes you may even learn “What NOT to DO”  and this may be the most important information of all!

I’ve done some of this work for you. I’ve searched the internet to find some of the most relevant links that lead to successful outcomes when investing in property for “HOLDING” and leasing/renting or “FLIPPING” and instantly profiting.

Some of the successful, professionals I’ve found over the internet have shared their success-stories and describe their experiences with articles as well as easy to follow videos!

mark-success-consulting | Mark Ferguson

The professional, advisers that I have found scouring the internet, describe the hard work and decisions that it takes to invest in property with the ever-changing economy we have today and how the market is prime for property investment opportunities with little or no money. These individuals have described easily how to get into the property investment market as a BEGINNER INVESTOR.

. . . That’s what I like about them!


My Growing List of Success Stories

The following individuals or organizations have helped me and can provide you with more education in the property investment world.


Todd Cecil
Todd Cecil:  I am an Investment Property novice, a Dealership Parts Director, a Website Developer. My wife, Cheryl is a Mortgage Regional Manager for a top home builder. I provide many suggestions and advice to others in my fields of businesses that I have become involved in and I love to offer ideas and solutions to problems as well as achieve my life long dreams and share them with others that are interested. I like to present my talents to others by showing and presenting them in a clear, organized, understandable way. You can visit me at my other websites: ToddsWorldWebsites or twHomeShow

Mark Ferguson
Mark Ferguson:  Mark is an Investor as well as a Real Estate Agent. He provides many resources on his website at:  InvestFourMore Mark also provides some great videos!

Chris Davies
Chris Davies: Offers advice for Property Management, Marketing and Real Estate. A lot of great stuff and examples can be found within his website: ChrisDavies

Frank Chen
Frank Chen:  Frank joined REIClub in April 2009 and currently manages the bi-monthly webinars, joint venture promotions and weekly videos. I love working with people and enjoy the REIClub audience. Tune-in on one of REIClub’s free webinars and hear me interview some of the top real estate experts in the nation. I am with the REIClub and we run an online community of real estate investors and an information portal that provides investors with new articles, success stories, free training webinars, and many more tools and resources to assist investors in their real estate business. Visit Us at:


Remember, investing in properties can be risky so I advise you to use any advice from anywhere on the internet as entertainment and NOT as professional services. The market and economy is always changing and always will. There might be advice you find that worked last year for somebody, but the market changed and it doesn’t work today. So please be cautious!

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