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Home and Property Inspections: VIDEO / Advice

I cannot say enough about how important a home/property inspection is to have BEFORE you buy your home or investment property. It is so important!

Sometimes we get caught up in how the appliances look like new and the paint looks good or the landscaping is kept-up and we think the property is in great condition compared to others we have purchased. But, I encourage you to “get-a-grip” on yourself, hire a property/home inspection company to go over the house with a fine tooth comb. They are your other eyes looking over your potential investment.

ALWAYS sign a contract contingent with the results from your home inspection. 

Property or home inspectors only cost a few hundred dollars and they usually base their price on the square footage of the home.

Home inspection companies can reveal poor construction on newer homes as well as poor maintenance and up keeping on older homes. They can potentially save you 10’s of thousands of dollars!

I came across a great video from Structure Tech on YouTube that shows the many ways that a property inspection can help you prepare for the fixer-up work ahead or discourage you from making the purchase.

If you have any doubts about how home inspections are to have performed, please watch this quick video that can show you some of the hidden problems they can find that you might have missed on a walk-through of the home or investment property.


Published by Structure Tech1 on Mar 25, 2014

A compilation of video clips from Structure Tech Home Inspections, a Minneapolis home inspection company. For a full explanation of all these items, check out our blog post about this clip:…

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