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About the owners

Just a little legal disclaimer: I don’t know many of the investors and advisors posted on my website, but have learned some things from them that I think would be beneficial to others looking to invest in property. They have followed the instincts that I, myself have. I don’t claim to be a professional advisor, nor should you take any of this information posted on this website as professional advice. This information should be considered entertaining reading in order to spark your imagination with ideas that may help you in some way.

Cheryl and Todd are the owners of Blue Moon Developments LLC and we love homes, investing, and increasing our retirement possibilities.

My name is Todd and I am the website developer, not only of this website, but i develop and create websites for several clients that want a website that “stands-out” and provides what people like you are looking for.

My Website Business:  twWebsites

I have created this website for entry level property investors that want to earn more with their money and savings than holding it in a savings account today that doesn’t pay any return on your money!

I have scoured the internet to provide find helpful information from professionals (mostly “self-proclaimed professionals”) that will inspire you to do something with your money that will provide for you when you retire.

I hope you’ll love the easy layout of my website here for professional investors and find the information you need, easily!

I had to look all over the place for the articles and videos that I thought were helpful to me, and I think my website will be helpful to you by saving some time to find all of this stuff related to Income Property Investing!