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We are a real estate investment development company that acquires and reconditions properties as necessary to bring them up to “Grade A” quality in order to help communities and families. 

We like to say “Once in a Blue Moon” you’ll come across the home or property of your dreams!

We strive to find homes that are in need of some “TLC” (Tender loving Care) and when we find them, we do what we do BEST!  We recondition the home or property to meet our expectations and by doing this we in-turn bring increased home values to the neighborhood as well as providing homes to renters, and buyers that have the quality you’d expect.



Cheryl and Todd are the owners of Blue Moon Developments LLC and we love homes, investing, and increasing our retirement possibilities.

We want to provide affordable, nice homes and properties for people that choose or need to rent or lease.

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Blue Moon Developments: ABOUT US