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I am going to show you a great Income property calculation that will help you protect your investment money when purchasing rental properties as an investment. I came across this very helpful video online from Hipster Investments and it is really easy to understand. It’s a great “How-To” video on

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There are many ways you can achieve your goals of finding financial wealth and independence for your family and yourself . . . Income Property is Today’s Choice to Many. Some people choose to dive-in with their own knowledge and go it on their own, but more often most people turn

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Buying an income property can be a wise investment . . . But it takes a lot of research to find the potential locations and to find the bargains that will earn you the most money in the long-run. Property bought or developed to earn income through renting, leasing or

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Buying your first investment property with the intentions to rent or lease it out may sound like a great thing to do to enhance your investment portfolio and increase your retirement wealth and it is! But there may be so many questions running through your head. You know, the unknowns

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