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My very first investment property was purchased in 2005 and my wife and I purchased it for $150k. It was located in Seminole, Florida and we purchased it a few years before the big economic bust. Everyone and their mother was purchasing homes to flip back then so we decided

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I cannot say enough about how important a home/property inspection is to have BEFORE you buy your home or investment property. It is so important! Sometimes we get caught up in how the appliances look like new and the paint looks good or the landscaping is kept-up and we think

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THIS IS HOW IT WORKS . . . Clean and easy to navigate interface designed by investors, for investors.

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I really related to this video because living in my middle age at the moment I think a lot about my future and more importantly how and when I will be able to retire. This video talks about a lot of the details of investing between rental properties verses the

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